MGB 100% Electric Vehicle Project

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1979 MGB Restored and Converted to a 100% Electric Vehicle.


Finished Product

Technical Specifications

  1. 60 Mile Range (Typical Day Use Charge Time Is 2 to 4 hours)

  2. Charges Using 240V with a J1772, 110V Standard Outlet

  3. Automatic Power Regeneration During Deceleration

  4. Curtis HPEVS AC51 Motor (Air Cooled)

  5. Curtis 1239–8501 Controller (Water Cooled)

  6. 90HP/10,000RPM Max/Torque 110LbFt  (Gas Engine was 79HP)

  7. 500 Amps / 172 Volts System

  8. 48 Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries

  9. HID Head Lamps

  10. All Standard Bulbs Changed to LED Bulbs

  11. 14 Volt Lithium Ion System Battery (Battery Used for Typical Car Operation)

  12. DC/DC Converter (Charges 14V Battery)

  13. Prius Throttle Control

  14. Power Brake with an Electric Vacuum Pump

  15. Original 4 Speed Transmission

  16. Push Button Simulated Clutch on Shift Knob

  17. Recycled Vehicle $2,500

  18. EV Conversion Cost Approximately $20,000 (Without Car)

Purchased from a British Repair Shop. It was non Operational.

Original Car Before Any Modifications

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